Accenture and Google Cloud co-develop solar power tool

Accenture has partnered with Google Cloud to co-develop an online solar tool for Origin Energy, an Australian energy company.

Australia’s largest energy provider, Origin, has teamed up with Accenture and Google Cloud to launch the DIY online solar tool for customers to determine solar power performance for their homes.

The tool uses 3D data, visual artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to provide customers with fast, accurate and personalized recommendations on the performance of solar energy on their roofs and their potential savings in 10 minutes.

“This innovative solution was designed by Accenture data scientists with expertise in solar and industrial engineering, and showcases the potential of the cloud as a launch pad to power advanced analytics and visual artificial intelligence,” said Ben Tulloch, managing director and head of Accenture Google. Cloud Business Group in Australia and New Zealand.

“Our goal is to help Origin grow through hyper-personalized solar offerings for more than two million homes.”

The platform can provide customers with solar power generation forecasts, system and installation costs, potential energy and bill savings, and investment break-even details, providing a comprehensive assessment of the merits of a potential investment in solar panels.

Machine learning is used to calculate the most suitable solar product for each home. Calculations are based on details such as roof pitch, area and shading of obstructions, combined with specific household energy consumption information.

Duncan Permezel, general manager of retail sales and marketing for Origin, said the tool will save customers time and help them understand the benefits of solar energy for their homes so they can take a informed decision about what is best for them.

“Previously, potential solar customers had to speak to a sales representative and schedule a site inspection to get that level of customization and detail in their quote, a process that can sometimes take weeks,” Permezel said.

“For customers who prefer to chat with a solar expert or have someone visit their home to inspect their roof, that level of service is always something we provide. This online solar platform is another way by which we are trying to make it easier for more customers to access cleaner, smarter and more affordable energy solutions.”

The Origin team and Accenture data scientists worked closely with Google Cloud to bring the tool to life. “Tackling climate change is a top priority for Google Cloud, and this innovative new solution from Origin, made possible through our collaboration with Accenture, is a great example of how we can equip Australian homes with the platform. to make a difference,” said Alister Dias, vice president of Google Cloud in ANZ.