Accenture spotlights solar panels for Origin

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Accenture has rolled out a new analytics tool for Origin that sheds light on the performance of customers’ solar panels.

Powered by Google Cloud, the artificial intelligence (AI) tool provides analytics on customers’ rooftop solar performance and potential savings in 10 minutes.

Accenture data scientists worked with Google Cloud to develop the tool, which calculates roof pitch, area and shading of obstructions, as well as information on specific household energy consumption.

Additionally, the platform provides solar power generation forecasts, system and installation costs, potential energy and bill savings, and investment break-even details.

“This innovative solution was designed by Accenture data scientists with expertise in solar and industrial engineering and showcases the potential of the cloud as a launch pad to power advanced analytics and visual AI,” said Ben Tulloch, Managing Director and Head of Accenture Google Cloud Business. Group in Australia and New Zealand.

“Our goal is to help Origin grow through hyper-personalized solar offerings for over two million homes.”

The solution is now available to customers in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.

“This advanced technology will save customers time by providing them with a quick assessment of how solar power will meet their home’s energy needs, including installation cost and how much they can potentially save.” , said Origin’s general manager of retail. sales and marketing, Duncan Permezel.

“The personalized and detailed nature of the solution makes it easy for customers to understand the potential benefits of solar energy for their home and make an informed decision on what is best for them.”

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