Garmin’s New Fitness Smartwatch Can Charge Using Solar Power: All the Details

Garmin has launched a new fitness smartwatch as part of its Forerunner 955 series which is capable of charging using solar power. The device has a host of sports-centric features, as well as health-related tools that can be tracked regularly. You get it with GPS and even then the Forerunner 955 promises long battery life.

Garmin Forerunner 955 solar price in india

The price of Garmin Forerunner 955 solar variant smartwatch in India is set at Rs 63,990 and you can pick it up in black and white color options. You also have the non-solar variant of the Forerunner 955 which costs Rs 53,490.

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Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar Specs

Right off the bat, it’s essential that we talk about the most unique part of this pricey smartwatch, which is solar charging. Now, how does it work? According to Garmin, the Forerunner 955 Solar is the smartwatch in its range with its Power Glass which converts sunlight directly into electricity, directly on the watch face.

By doing so, the battery life of the smartwatch increases. We’re intrigued by the technology and hope other manufacturers are working on something similar for their wearables, which will fix smartwatch battery life issues in most cases.

On top of that, the Forerunner 955 Solar has a full touch screen, it weighs only 53 grams and can store up to 2000 songs. When it comes to fitness and health features, Garmin has packed this device with plenty of options for professionals. You have tools such as training readiness, training load tracking, V02 Max, getting morning reports, real-time endurance monitoring is also possible and the predictor of race, among others.

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The screen can help you with phone notifications for messages and calls. You can track pulse oximeter, menstrual cycle for women and support multi-band GPS. The solar variant of the Forerunner can last up to 49 hours on a single charge, which is 7 hours longer than the normal version.

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