IKEA will now sell solar panels

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, has announced plans to sell home solar panels in the United States, a move that could democratize and demystify access to solar power.

Solar hesitation: The benefits of solar power go beyond environmental protection – solar panels are cheaper than ever, and between lower energy bills and government subsidies, a solar home system could pay for itself before that the panels do not need to be replaced.

“Launching Home Solar with IKEA will give more people more control over their energy needs.”

Javier Quinones

Despite this, only 3.2% of single-family detached homes have solar panels, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Many homeowners are hesitant to purchase solar home systems because the cost and installation process can be confusing. Financing arrangements can be complicated and some create liens on panels which can cause headaches when buying and selling the home.

The future is bright: In the fall of 2022, IKEA plans to launch Home Solar with IKEA in select stores in California, by far the top US state for home solar power.

Through this initiative, members of IKEA’s free customer loyalty program will be able to purchase solar home solutions through SunPower, a solar home technology company.

“SunPower is creating solar offerings exclusively for IKEA US, and product and service information will be available to customers in-store and online,” a SunPower spokesperson told Electrek.

IKEA’s announcement does not specify the benefits of purchasing a system through the program rather than going directly to SunPower.

However, IKEA already offered solar home power in 11 other markets before the U.S. launch, and customers have praised these programs for their simple buying process, quick installation, and usage cost savings. of their IKEA membership.

The bottom line: IKEA is already a household name that many people trust, so if it can offer the same benefits to US customers as its international customers, it’s easy to imagine many homeowners deciding to go through the company to add extras. solar panels on their roofs.

“Launching Home Solar with IKEA will give more people more control over their energy needs, and our goal is to offer the clean energy service at other IKEA locations in the future,” said Javier Quiñones, CEO of IKEA US and responsible for sustainable development. officer.

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