IKEA will sell solar panels to Americans

Ikea shoppers will be able to buy solar panels in US stores starting this fall. In a press release, Ikea said the new product falls under its partnership with SunPower, a California-based company that sells and installs solar power. Thanks to this partnership, Ikea will be able to extend its ecological footprint.

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Among the range of products sold by Ikea is a “Home Solar” home solar kit, which will be available to members of IKEA’s loyalty program. Thanks to this kit, members of the loyalty program will be able to generate their own energy and even store it.

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Javier Quiñones, CEO and chief sustainability officer of IKEA US, told reporters that their company’s mission is to help people live sustainable lives. He further says that by providing solar panels to customers, they provide necessary choices for those who want to live a sustainable lifestyle.

“At IKEA, we are passionate about helping our customers live more sustainable lives at home. We are proud to partner with SunPower to bring this service to the United States and empower our customers to make individual choices aimed at reducing their overall climate footprint,” said Quiñones.

The Swedish company is on a mission to reduce its carbon footprint and improve sustainable living. By selling environmentally friendly products, Ikea aims to reduce its carbon footprint and increase sustainability. Previously, the company announced that it would buy back its used furniture in a bid to embrace sustainability. The company also announced the purchase of forest land in Georgia for conservation purposes.

Like Ikea, more and more brands are now implementing strategies that will reduce their carbon footprint. It is these small steps that are needed to help the world move away from heavy carbon pollution.


Main image via Pexels