Jharkhand will soon launch a new solar policy

To promote solar energy in the State, the Government will put in place a solar policy. For some time, work has been done on the policy of Ministry of Energy and Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA), which will be implemented now. With this policy, the goal of solar power generation in the state has been maintained at four thousand MW.

This solar energy will be produced from the private and public sectors. Under this policy, facilities to set up solar power plants will be provided. JREDA will operate under a one-stop-shop system so that electricity consumers will have no difficulty in installing it. A deadline has also been set for this, which is two months. In these two months, the whole process of setting up the solar power plants will be completed.

Electricity consumers will also benefit from numerous discounts for the installation of solar power plants. In this, there will be 100% exemption from stamp duty on documents such as lease, deed and others. Discounts will also be given in the rate required to change the land use for the use of the solar power plant. At the same time, a provision of 30 percent subsidy has been made for the use of solar energy in the agricultural sector. With the implementation of the policy, off-grid systems will be promoted for solar park, solar grid, rooftop solar system. With this electricity can be used directly.

The solar roof is installed annually by JREDA. In such a situation, after this policy, a subsidy provision will be made on the installation of solar roofs. Under this scheme, a 60% subsidy will be given to people with an annual income of three lakhs. A subsidy of approximately 80% will be granted for the installation of a solar roof with a capacity of 10 kilowatts. Along with this, solar cold storage, solar desalination, solar spinning wheel and others will be promoted.

The state government will also purchase electricity from consumers installing solar power plants. Under the central government scheme, this will also be emphasized in the state. Due to which the income of the people will also be there. In such a situation, priority will be given to the purchase of electricity generated from solar energy in the State. Many kinds of discounts will also be given to investors, which will promote solar energy while investing in the state.