KPK government converts all economic zones to solar power

  • The decision is being implemented under the provincial government’s Green Khyber Pakhtunkhwa initiative.
  • Initially, three economic zones would be switched to solar energy.
  • In the future, the capacity of solar power plants would be further enhanced to meet the energy needs of industrial units.
  • The initiative will contribute to the provision of several benefits and the main one is to make the local industry competitive.
  • These factories would be installed in the economic zones of Bannu, Jalozai and Karak.
  • The energy produced by the solar power plants will be supplied to companies operating within these areas.

The KPK Economic Zones Development and Management Corporation (KP-EZDMC), an auxiliary of the KP government, will shift all currency zones to solar power.

The drive is the first of its kind and initially three financial areas would be moved to solar power and in the next stage all currency areas would be moved to solar power.

The choice is made under the joint government’s Green Khyber Pakhtunkhwa campaign.

Speaking to APP, KP-EZDMC CEO Javed Iqbal Khattak said that as part of the training, about 30 sections of land are distributed in the chosen financial areas on which solar energy creates power plants. 10 megawatts each possibly introduced into the choice. currency areas.

In the future, the boundary of energy-oriented solar power plants would further be shifted to meet the energy demands of modern units. He said that KP is the main region that will send such environment-friendly electric power project.

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The initiative was taken on the premise of need and the common government is deeply serious in its implementation. In this association, the organization previously scored a determination update (MoU) with a global consortium. The company would work in open confidential organization mode (PPP).

Under the impetus, he said the organization was installing 10 megawatt solar power plants in three currency areas. These plants would be introduced in the economic zones of Bannu, Jalozai and Karak.

The energy produced by the solar power plants would be donated to companies working inside these areas. The reader will contribute to the arrangement of a few advantages and the best is to make the company nearby ruthless.

He said that the arrangement of a modest power will decrease the expense of creating crafted items by neighboring units.
Organizing through such drivers, he said, will ensure early energy supply for businesses, because the local organization of energy appropriation is not at the same speed, on which it should energize businesses.

For this reason, the organization has also started working on the foundation of another power delivery organization to provide electricity to businesses for just Rs 9-10, which is far less than the electricity duty current.

He said that energy is the main variable of modern space, which decides the expenditure of creation. Reducing creation expenses will make local businesses serious against different nations.

In addition to attracting local and unknown backers to the territory, these perseverers will also help provide businesses with climate-friendly and environmentally friendly electric power.