New solar policy to light up more villages: Hemant | Ranchi News

Ranchi: Hemant, Chief Minister of Jharkhand Soren unveiled the Jharkhand State Solar Policy 2022 at a hotel here. The Chief Minister said that with climate change now knocking on our doorstep, Jharkhand has made an effort to replace thermal power with clean energy and ensure the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
“Many hilltop villages are inaccessible and cannot be fully illuminated. The 2022 Solar Policy will lay the foundations for lighting all inaccessible villages by encouraging villages to set up solar power plants. Thermal energy costs between Rs 4 and Rs 5 per unit, while solar energy is cheap at Rs 2 to Rs 2.50 per unit. One MW of solar energy can be generated from a plant on a 5 acre piece of land. Thus, an entire neighborhood can be fully lit using solar power plants on 400 to 500 acres,” he added.
Under this policy, the Soren government aims to produce 4,000MW of solar power over the next five years by providing incentives and supporting entrepreneurs who want to invest in large-scale solar projects, distributed solar projects and off-grid solar projects, officials said. The policy document envisions a cumulative solar power generation of 3,000 MW through solar parks, non-solar parks, floating solar power plans and channel head units. That aside, Jharkhand aims to generate 720MW of electricity through rooftop solar units, captive solar units and solar-powered agriculture, the policy says.
Under the new policy, households with an annual income of less than Rs 3 lakh will receive subsidies of between 60% and 80% if they order rooftop solar units of their residences between 3KW and 10KW. Solar agriculture projects will benefit from subsidies up to 30% of the total cost while solar pumps will benefit from subsidies up to 67%.
(With entries from Ray Dhritiman)