New Mexico may soon open up to community solar businesses if the governor signs a new bill. Biden’s infrastructure plan includes 10-year extension and phase-out of direct-pay ITCWashington DC President Joe Biden rolled out his highly anticipated infrastructure package, the American Jobs Plan, at the end of March. The planRead More →

Ipsun Solar Residential solar contractors face many obstacles during the process from sale to installation, whether they are tire issues, financing issues or logistical delays. Working with a client who lives in a Homeowners Association (HOA) subdivision could cost installers significantly more time and money. In the worst case, itRead More →

The fate of Illinois solar growth is in the hands of the legislature after the state ran out of incentives for renewable energy. Solar ITC extended to 26% for two more yearsWashington DC Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Extended in $ 1.4 Trillion Federal Spending Program sign by President DonaldRead More →

AHMEDABAD: The government of Gujarat on Tuesday launched a new solar policy to ensure clean energy. The new policy, according to the government, will reduce dependence on conventional coal-based power generation and help the MSME industry with its production costs. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced Gujarat’s Solar Energy Policy 2021Read More →

the government of gujarat announced the new “Gujarat Solar Energy Policy 2021” with incentives for residential, commercial and industrial rooftop solar developers. The policy will be valid until December 31, 2025. Under the new policy, residential, commercial and industrial consumers and third party projects will be eligible to sell electricityRead More →

Valoe completed the 15-month purchase process of a 60 MW cell production line from Solitek in the spring and installed back-contact interdigitated production equipment. He hopes to start deliveries in the next quarter. December 10, 2020 Max Room Production has finally resumed at the Lithuanian site. Image: Solitek Covid-19 hasRead More →

Nevada’s constitution was formally amended to include a mandate for utilities to source 50% renewable energy by 2050. Nevada Voters Officially Approve New Renewable Energy StandardCarson City, Nevada Nevada’s Question 3 Constitutional Amendment has been approved by voters for the second and final time to become law, according to More →

US policymakers are struggling to keep pace with soaring solar markets. Undefined delays. Application systems pending. Accusations of unscrupulous developers “playing with the system”. These are some of the pitfalls that US policymakers hope to avoid when designing an effective program to encourage the use of solar energy. But asRead More →

The Governor of New Mexico has reinstated solar tax credits for homes and businesses. Study Finds Vermont Won’t Hit Solar Goal on Current TrajectoryMontpelier, Vermont A recent report by the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation found that solar energy progress in the state has steadily declined over the past three yearsRead More →

The thin-film PV panel maker has officially completed its massive manufacturing facility in Lake Township, Ohio, bringing it to 1.9 GW of manufacturing capacity in the state. The factory will help meet the overwhelming demand for Series 6 modules. October 24, 2019 Tim Sylvia First Solar is celebrating its 20thRead More →

The Chinese module giant has pledged to source 70% of its energy from renewable energies by 2023 and all by 2025. If this is serious, it could represent confidence in the amount of energy. new renewable energy generation capacities to come to China given the company’s huge output. capacity expansionRead More →

California has taken another step in climate leadership with its commitment to 100% clean energy. A guide to recent legislation and research around the country. California is going 100% greenSacramento, California Governor Brown signed a bill in mid-September to accelerate California’s transition to a clean power grid. The new lawRead More →

According to GTM Research, China’s recently announced changes to national solar policies will have significant impacts on the global PV market and likely the first contraction in global PV demand since before 2000. The country’s National Energy Administration, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance have issued newRead More →

Solar energy advocates from the state and nation today thanked the leadership of lawmakers for approving bills to advance New Jersey’s clean energy economy. Assemblyman John McKeon’s A3723 was passed by the Assembly Appropriations Committee and Senator Bob Smith’s S2314 was passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee. The complementary billsRead More →

Dive brief: California solar power maker Stion is shutting down its Hattiesburg, Mississippi plant, potentially laying off 137 workers in an attempt to shut down operations, blaming cheap foreign panels for its demise. Mississippi loaned Stion nearly $ 75 million and gave the company tax breaks and other incentives toRead More →

U.S. thin-film solar module maker Stion is shutting down even as the U.S. government prepares to implement trade remedies designed to strengthen the nation’s solar panel manufacturing industry. The San Jose-based company confirmed to GTM on Monday its intention to “cease operations” in a letter signed by Stion’s management. TheRead More →

For the second time this year, a U.S.-listed Chinese solar maker has agreed to go private in a sale to its CEO. Reinsoh (NYSE:SOL) will sell its solar manufacturing capacity and responsibilities to CEO Xianshou Li and focus on project development. This follows Trina Solar’s decision to go private, bettingRead More →

According to a new study from Stanford, the booming solar energy industry could only make a significant contribution to curbing climate change if governments and the private sector tackled it more economically and efficiently. Stanford solar researchers recommend that the United States and China work more closely together, with eachRead More →

The disagreement over how to fairly compensate distributed solar generators for the electricity they produce has just become a little more heated. the Solar Choice Alliance (TASC), a downstream solar advocacy group whose members include SolarCity, Solar Universe, Sungevity, Sunrun and Verengo, just sent out a statement revealing that theRead More →