Passion & Expertise: The team that develops solar energy

Continuing our theme from last month, when we established why solar power has become such a compelling global energy solution, we can now zoom in on a Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group that is responsible for delivering large solar power projects in the USA. .

With solar power generation up 23% globally last year, Samsung C&T’s US solar group has been particularly busy. Indeed, as we previously highlighted, the United States has taken steps to support its solar industry while planning to rely on 100% clean energy by 2035. As Samsung C&T has also expanded its solar energy business, US Solar Group is responsible for massive photovoltaic energy. energy projects that take advantage of the sun’s energy in areas like Texas and California.

Let’s find out how US Solar Group is working with a blend of youthful passion and expertise to capture the solar momentum.

What exactly does US Solar Group do?

Imagine the realization of an energy project covering the size of a hundred football fields. This is what US Solar Group is doing in California.

Far from the bright lights of big cities, such projects are carved out of desert nature. So, a solar power project begins with selecting suitable sites to build solar power plants, designing layouts for those sites, determining the best way to install solar panels, and simulating the amount of power that will be produced.

After that, discussions must take place to reach an agreement with local residents and permits must be obtained from local governments or federal entities, while power purchase agreements (PPAs) with various types of Buyers, for example electric utilities, companies, or electricity cooperatives, should be entered into in most cases to sell electricity from solar power generation. Of course, the amount of sunshine and the risk of market volatility must also be taken into account.

To dig the ground for the current power plant, various discussions with multiple parties including government agencies, grid operators, landowners, utilities and electricity consumers need to be conducted. All this takes between two and four years, which requires a lot of patience and passion to persevere.

Bearing the burden of big projects together

US Solar Group bases much of its progress on strong teamwork because it is impossible for one or two internal members to sufficiently anticipate all the issues that may arise when taking on a power plant project. long-term.

Knowledge of various sectors is required and it also requires teamwork with professional consultants and locals. For example, a state like California has very specific and complicated environmental regulations. In other words, in California, US Solar Group works to find common ground with landowners and local agencies, sometimes even relocating rare wildlife.

Members of the US Solar Group noted the importance of strong driving force alongside expertise when facing long-term challenges.

Harnessing the dynamism of youth through horizontal communication

An interesting feature of US Solar Group is that its members are on average younger than any other Samsung C&T Energy division. This naturally generates a spirit of enthusiasm, but US Solar Group also ensures that all members can communicate seamlessly, regardless of age or experience.

They achieve this through horizontal communication, which means that members are encouraged to communicate with each other without any reservations. When problems arise, they strive to find solutions in an open spirit, discussing with everyone involved.

Thus, the members of the American solar group benefit from shared information and transparency when grasping what decisions need to be made. This is especially important in the solar energy sector, where there are so many aspects involved and areas of expertise, in addition to rapidly changing technology trends.

In their own words

Let’s see some of the comments from members of the US Solar Group who are adding the value of solar power to the public good as their project progresses.

Youthful energy, horizontal communication and strong driving force are the best words to describe US Solar Group. With strong teamwork that has allowed them to succeed so well in projects, they are now gearing up to move forward.