Plymouth Argyle cuts electricity costs with more solar panels on the Mayflower Grandstand

Installation of an additional 225 solar panels on the roof of Plymouth Argyle’s Mayflower Stand at Home Park has begun.

It will more than double the total number of panels from the existing 214 and generate a minimum of 101,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, based on weather data from the previous year.

This will represent a 25 per cent saving for the League One club on electricity costs as it seeks to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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A statement from Argyle said: “If favorable conditions see the club generating surplus energy, the newly installed panels will also have the ability to sell energy to the grid, ensuring profitability while reducing our footprint.

“Installation will continue until mid-July and the panels will be in service in early August, resulting in a reduction of 52 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.”

Also in line with Argyle’s Energy and Environmental Plan, Argyle is installing a one-of-a-kind rainwater harvesting facility in the Mayflower Grandstand.

The works will start at the end of June and are entirely financed by MOSL, the operator of the English non-domestic water market.

The work involves installing an innovative rainwater harvesting system, allowing the club to reuse rainwater that falls on the roof to supply the pitch’s irrigation system, with an estimated annual saving of 40,000 litres.

Argyle site manager Christian Kent said: “Once again we are grateful to the board for approving expenditure which will improve the efficiency of Home Park, both from a environmental and financial.

“Having the foresight to make these improvements will pay long-term dividends and underscores our commitment to achieving net zero.”

There are a range of projects underway at Home Park this summer, with new seating already in the Lyndhurst Road Stand, public realm improvements outside the stand and a large screen due to be installed in July.

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