Solar panels could become more affordable in the Borderland in the near future – find out how

EL PASO, Texas – Wednesday morning during a press conference between the City of El Paso and Solar United Neighbors, the announcement was made of a new partnership between the two entities and the launch of the El Paso Solar Co-op.

Joining the new cooperative is free and you don’t have to commit to buying solar panels when you join. Once enough people consider buying solar panels, the cooperative will start collecting bids from local solar panel companies. As a collective, one bid will be chosen to be the installer of all solar panels, and people can decide if they want to purchase their own panels based on the installer’s group rate. Ultimately, this will save money for customers who plan to purchase their own solar panels in the future.

Peter Svarzbein, who represents District 1 on City Council, is proud to begin this collaboration. “This is an opportunity for us to take more advantage of our opportunity to develop solar energy in our community, to increase the adoption of solar energy in our community to help this world and help fight climate change world,” he said.

The Texas program director of Solar United Neighbors, or SUN, further explained the process: “Our solar power purchasing programs work by bringing together people in a similar geographic area who are all interested in solar power. solar, and that way the group can leverage SUN’s numbers and technical numbers to reduce both the cost and the hassle of switching to solar,” said Hanna Mitchell.

There’s a downside to installing solar panels on your home or business – you’ll still have to pay a $30 monthly fee to El Paso Electric just to have the solar panels. This does not include whether you will have to pay additional electricity costs per month depending on whether your panels provide enough electricity or not. The upside is that El Paso is nicknamed the “Sun City” after all, due to the countless sunny days we get every year.

Mitchell went on to say, “The cooperation process normally takes about 6 months from launch, from now until installations are complete. Meanwhile, residents of El Paso can register on our webpage at and sign up for our public information sessions. .”

There will be two information meetings – one on May 5 at 6 p.m. which will be held virtually and one on May 12 at 6 p.m. which will be held in a hybrid fashion. You can find more information by searching for the link in the quote above, or by clicking on the link below.

Nicole Ferrini, who is the city’s director of resilience, explained how the partnership will also create jobs in the region. “It’s really about creating opportunities and jobs for our community in what you might call environmental economics,” she said. She, too, works extremely hard to promote more sustainable energy here in the Borderland.

For answers to all your questions or if you are interested in joining the cooperative group, click here.