Solar panels lose efficiency as heatwaves sweep the world

The recent record heat waves in Europe are not good news for solar panels, as extreme heat is not great for solar power efficiency.

Source: Electric Gardel/Youtube

While clear skies and consistent sunshine should be great for solar power, the sweltering heat across Europe has caused electricity bills to skyrocket, and with the continued shortage of natural gas due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, renewables had to step up.

Last weekend, Germany broke the country’s record for solar power generation, and even higher levels are expected with the next heat wave. However, if temperatures remain high for a long time, it can slow down solar power generation.

Fortune reported that solar panels are manufactured and tested to perform best at around 77°F or 25°C and most can still operate at high efficiency between 15 and 35°C or 59 and 95°F. However, above, companies warn that efficiency can drop quickly.

With temperatures in Spain, Britain and other European cities already above 40°C (104°F) or expected to reach it soon, solar generation could take a huge hit.

Projects around the world are developing new ways to use solar panels and move away from dirty fossil fuels. architecture students from Barcelona just built a solar-powered greenhouse that uses 50% less energy than it produces. Virginia transforms abandoned coal mines in solar farmsand a start-up helps renovating old buildings in Brooklyn to use clean energy. We hope companies can start producing solar panels that can withstand higher temperatures.

The The latest IPCC climate report is a final warning for governments around the world on global warming, so it’s great to see companies taking the lead and working towards a renewable future!

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