A California-based water and electric utility plans to cover water channels with solar panels, in a first-of-its-kind project to conserve water and generate electricity. Turlock Irrigation District (TID), of Turlock, received a $20 million grant from the State of California for a limited proof-of-concept trial, known as Project Nexus. TheRead More →

(Credit: Unsplash) This article is brought to you through The European Sting’s collaboration with the World Economic Forum. Author: Wolfgang Gründinger, Chief Evangelist, Enpal Solar power systems have long been too complex and expensive to install for many homeowners. Startups are now disrupting the traditional energy market and launching aRead More →

Washington’s farmlands and natural habitat are not immune to climate change. Extreme weather conditions, drought, forest fires and floods impact our landscape and natural resources. Solar energy is essential for mitigating the impacts of climate change, but it is critically important for minimizing the impact on our landscape. Solar energyRead More →

Oman has inaugurated Ibri 2, the first Independent Solar Power (IPP) project to be launched under the country’s National Renewable Energy Program and connected to the primary national grid. The project is located in the northwest governorate of al-Dhahirah with an investment of 417 million dollars, with a capacity ofRead More →

Today, more homes are switching to solar power every year. This helps us collectively fight climate change and its effects on our planet. The increased use of solar energy reduces air pollution, water consumption and combats greenhouse gas emissions. If you’re wondering if installing solar panels is worth your investment,Read More →

The Babcock Ranch Solar Power Center spans 440 acres of land in West Florida. Credit: Olena Leskova Florida, the “Sunshine State,” is rapidly increasing the installation of large-scale solar power installations (USSEs) to combat carbon emissions and climate change. However, the expansion of renewables can come with environmental tradeoffs. ReducingRead More →

Florida, the “Sunshine State”, is rapidly increasing the installation of Utility-Scale Solar Energy (USSE) installations to combat carbon emissions and climate change. However, the expansion of renewable energy can come with environmental trade-offs. Reducing the carbon footprint of the energy industry is hampering the paw print of a large carnivore.Read More →

The current recycling capacity of solar panels cannot cope with an influx of customers who prematurely abandon their existing panels for cheaper and more efficient models. Solar power installations are booming all over the world. Solar energy supply, which has already reached record highs in the European Union this year,Read More →

REDWOOD CITY, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Ubiquitous Energy, the world leader in transparent solar technology – converting light into electricity using semiconductor materials while maintaining visible transparency, improves sustainable energy solutions as the world responds to a urgent climate crisis. In recognition of his leadership in the industry, theRead More →

US rejects offer by group of solar power makers for tariffs on Thailand and 2 other Southeast Asian imports U.S. trade officials on Wednesday called off efforts by a group of domestic solar power manufacturers to demand tariffs on panels imported from three Southeast Asian countries, citing the group’s demandRead More →

Community solar is open to businesses in the small state of Delaware. Credit: Ken Lund House Democrats call for increased solar incentives in budget packageWashington DC A handful of Democrats are working to include a new production tax credit for solar projects in the budget reconciliation package currently being debatedRead More →

Ipsun Solar Residential solar contractors face many obstacles during the process from sale to installation, whether they are tire issues, financing issues or logistical delays. Working with a client who lives in a Homeowners Association (HOA) subdivision could cost installers significantly more time and money. In the worst case, itRead More →

The fate of Illinois solar growth is in the hands of the legislature after the state ran out of incentives for renewable energy. Solar ITC extended to 26% for two more yearsWashington DC Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Extended in $ 1.4 Trillion Federal Spending Program sign by President DonaldRead More →

According to a new study from Stanford, the booming solar energy industry could only make a significant contribution to curbing climate change if governments and the private sector tackled it more economically and efficiently. Stanford solar researchers recommend that the United States and China work more closely together, with eachRead More →