Solar energy is expected to account for 10% of global electricity production by 2030, much of which is concentrated in desert areas where sunlight is abundant. However, dust collection on solar panels or mirrors is already a big concern (it can decrease the performance of photovoltaic panels by up toRead More →

Eighteen REC solar panels fitted with Enphase microinverters will provide power for the rebuilt $1.3 million community hall in Stokes Bay, destroyed by catastrophic bushfires in 2020. Enphase Energy donated its IQ7+ microinverters as part of its Giveawatt program, while REC provided its Alpha Series solar panels as part ofRead More →

Connecticut’s new energy storage program offers upfront incentives for residential and commercial customers. R Boed New bill would require large California counties to use instant online solar permitsSacramento, California California Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) has introduced a bill that would require instant online solar licensing in counties with populationsRead More →

Washington’s farmlands and natural habitat are not immune to climate change. Extreme weather conditions, drought, forest fires and floods impact our landscape and natural resources. Solar energy is essential for mitigating the impacts of climate change, but it is critically important for minimizing the impact on our landscape. Solar energyRead More →

By Glenn Jakins, CEO of Humless As the costs of consuming solar energy decline and facilities increase, harnessing the sun is on everyone’s mind. Last fall, a record number of systems were installed in American homes. Solar energy has been proven to be efficient, sustainable and here to stay. WhatRead More →

California’s solar industry is working hard to defeat the utility commission’s proposed successor net metering program. Illinois Can Expect Solar Boom With Adjustable Blocks Program ReopenedChicago, Illinois New study found that Illinois’ recently passed climate and employment equity law is expected to result in 250 MW of community solar powerRead More →

Sustained efforts by the United States to increase domestic manufacturing capacity for photovoltaic solar panels by imposing anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese modules have failed completely, reveals a report from Rystad Energy. While the tariffs have effectively decimated direct shipments from China, they have failed to reduce the overall U.S. dependenceRead More →

All eyes are on the Senate as it debates the Build Back Better Act, which is packed with provisions relating to the solar industry. Build Back Better Act progresseswashington d.c. The House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act in November, which contains numerous provisions to help develop allRead More →

TORONTO, 02 Dec. 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Mitrex integrated solar technology, the world’s leading manufacturer of building integrated photovoltaic systems (BIPV), aims to accelerate the world’s decarbonization through sustainable solutions in the solar industry. After months of research and development, Mitrex has opened up new horizons in the solar sectorRead More →

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, November 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Duke Energy has filed an agreement with the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) that will align compensation for solar energy users with the benefits of the utility system and create long-term stability for the solar industry residential in North Carolina.Read More →

CHARLOTTE, NC – Duke Energy has filed an agreement with the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) that will align solar user compensation with the benefits of the utility system and create long-term stability for the residential solar industry by North Carolina. See deposit. The net metering agreement was developed byRead More →

The world is embracing renewable energy at an unprecedented rate, and solar energy is the main source of energy the path. Despite a 4.5% drop in global energy demand in 2020, Notes from Visual Capitalist’s Govind Bhutada that renewable energy technologies are showing promising progress. While renewable energy growth wasRead More →

Community solar is open to businesses in the small state of Delaware. Credit: Ken Lund House Democrats call for increased solar incentives in budget packageWashington DC A handful of Democrats are working to include a new production tax credit for solar projects in the budget reconciliation package currently being debatedRead More →

California recently became the first state in the country to require solar and storage facilities on new commercial buildings. Biden administration reveals possible intention to expand ITC in new briefingWashington DC President Joe Biden and the US Department of Energy have released a briefing note on solar energy research, deploymentRead More →

New Mexico may soon open up to community solar businesses if the governor signs a new bill. Biden’s infrastructure plan includes 10-year extension and phase-out of direct-pay ITCWashington DC President Joe Biden rolled out his highly anticipated infrastructure package, the American Jobs Plan, at the end of March. The planRead More →

The fate of Illinois solar growth is in the hands of the legislature after the state ran out of incentives for renewable energy. Solar ITC extended to 26% for two more yearsWashington DC Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Extended in $ 1.4 Trillion Federal Spending Program sign by President DonaldRead More →

US policymakers are struggling to keep pace with soaring solar markets. Undefined delays. Application systems pending. Accusations of unscrupulous developers “playing with the system”. These are some of the pitfalls that US policymakers hope to avoid when designing an effective program to encourage the use of solar energy. But asRead More →

According to a new study from Stanford, the booming solar energy industry could only make a significant contribution to curbing climate change if governments and the private sector tackled it more economically and efficiently. Stanford solar researchers recommend that the United States and China work more closely together, with eachRead More →